Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Wren Design Laptop bag

Launched in February at the Design Indaba the Wren PPC Cement Laptop Bag is now available at a few select retailers and the full range of cement bags at the Wren’s corner at the Biscuit Mill Designgoods Tent every second Saturday from 9am - 2pm.

The bags are made out of unused cast-off Pretoria Portland Cement (PPC) paper bags. The making process is as follows first the unused paper bag is opened and the various paper layers are separated. Then the top and third layers of paper are fused and bonded with black cotton to make the paper strong and the bag extremely durable. Once this has been done the material can be treated as a fabric and the pattern drawn, cut and the bag stitched.
Once finished, the bag is sprayed with a scotch guard to make it water resistant.


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