Wednesday, June 23, 2010


So i never really buy the ELLE magazine not because i don't like the magazine but i get to read it at team Elle's apartment where some elle insiders reside
but i took one look at the cover and i was convinced, so i paged through and saw some very handy shopping tips obviously not applicable to me but none the less. In the STYLE FOR LESS on page 76-85 i found KATE&Allie brogues and a printed dress form I Love Leroy, that definitely hits the spot and made me feel warm and fuzzy as they are one of the traders in the Designgoods Section.

If you do not have the ELLE July yet go out and get not only for the fashion but you also get a little black book the HipCity guide to help you navigate around Cape Town, Jo'burg, Pretoria and Durban hot spots like a pro.

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  1. not to forget the cool free teeshirt with that issue!