Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Night Market 15th Dec


As we do every year we make the shopping for gifts and goodies for the festive season easy by bringing together an array of artisinal producers, makers and bakers so you can expect some mouth-watering christmas cakes, locally made raw chocolates, freshly schucked oysters all paired with our selection of micro breweries and wine estates. For the not so foodie there will be plenty of local fashion and product designers, ceramicists and purveyors of all fine things.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Best accopanied with music..

More important than getting the perfect sun kissed tan that makes people truly think you don't seriously have a "day job" or you are related to the Man if Tan - Valentino, is finding the perfect soundtrack for summer. To validate my belief in summer soundtracks i stumbled upon some celebrity endorsement by none other than Martha Stewart follow link:
On the top of my playlist for this summer is a cover of Robert Palmer's Addicted to Love done by Florence and the Machine.

The Man of Tan - Valentino
I'm sure you are familiar with the luxury leather accessory label MISSIBABA if not i'm sure after you have been to their studio or seen them at the designgoods on Saturdays you will be as hooked on the stuff as i am. In my opinion the perfect beach bag has arrived the Nevada sling by MISSIBABA you can now find them at the designgoods section every second saturday.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

If The shorts fit, buy 'em..

As we are heading into the season of sunny days spent on the beach or sipping bloody mary's before noon there is a need to adjust your wardrobe slightly from covering up to something more suited. So when in need of some new summer attire the guy to go to is Keith Henning from Adriaan Kuiters have a look at some of his pieces.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

It's time for fashion week

So everybody always gets manic the week prior to fashion frantic phone calls and presents and flowers to designer hoping and praying for free tickets. Well i am glad to say that i will be attending some shows myself.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Getting Summer Ready..

Back from my winter break-away and found this in my inbox and i have to admit that they do get me very excited for summer.

Visit her blog for more information,

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Cool finds..

As an added bonus when visiting the countryside apart from the fresh-air, and very laid back way of existence you can very often find some cool things to buy at a surprisingly low price. I bought this sewing machine foe a number of reasons the main one was that it only cost me R50.00, and secondly i really liked the color of it..

Another cool thing is this amazing book called Empire Annual for Boys with a birthday inscription which dates form 1912, i have to admit i didn't buy this one it was a gift from my Grandmother..

And as proof here is the inscription, just having this book kinda makes me feel super

Saturday, July 24, 2010

When In Rome..

So everybody always says when you visit a place always go and meet the locals so please find attached a local friend i made. Her name is Bella she is a miniature goat living on the farm.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Holiday vibes..

So i have taken a much needed brake from everything that im so use to, this includes the following friends, fast internet, being able to call a taxi, walking to get coffee in the mornings and last but not least waking up at 6:30 on saturdays and dragging myself to the market. At first i thought "this is gonna be great, fresh air no disturbance" well what i realized is that im getting kinda bored.

So to cancel out the boredom i went against my only holiday rule of not checking mail no matter what, and after going through loads of unread emails i came across something that i am definitely gonna work on the instant i get back to CT. These guys are just up the road from the market and would also like to join our little designer tent.

So take a look and see for yourself, i thought it was pretty cool and i really love the swing ticket design..
Ther are some things that i would like to my ever growing wardrobe too..

So watch this space.

Friday, July 2, 2010

night market photos....a little bit late but still nice....

i took lots of pics of so many stalls, but because it was pretty dark a lot of them came out blurry.
these were some of the best ones i got....

lovely raincoats from hummingbird
(i tried to make a link to their website, but for some or other reason it's not working, sorry...)

organic fabric goodness from twine

beautiful ceramics from liesel trautman

the most beautiful bags in the world by missibaba

skermunkil jewellery....check out our blog!!!

fancy cross stitch by friendly face lauren fowler

steffany roup's sweet jewellery

lovely handmade bowls and handmade silver spoons from frieda

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


So i never really buy the ELLE magazine not because i don't like the magazine but i get to read it at team Elle's apartment where some elle insiders reside
but i took one look at the cover and i was convinced, so i paged through and saw some very handy shopping tips obviously not applicable to me but none the less. In the STYLE FOR LESS on page 76-85 i found KATE&Allie brogues and a printed dress form I Love Leroy, that definitely hits the spot and made me feel warm and fuzzy as they are one of the traders in the Designgoods Section.

If you do not have the ELLE July yet go out and get not only for the fashion but you also get a little black book the HipCity guide to help you navigate around Cape Town, Jo'burg, Pretoria and Durban hot spots like a pro.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

De Morgen Reisblog

Neighbourgoods Market / featured on Debbie Pappyn's travel blog follow the link below to read the full article.

Neighbourgoods Market / featured in Monocle magazine

Monocle meets the two visionaries who have shown that the fortunes of an entire neighbourhood can be transformed simply by setting up a weekly market selling local produce.

Follow the link to read the full article

Monday, June 14, 2010

What to Expect Tonight

So the weather is pretty apt for a winter market? Don't despair and let the cold wet weather keep you from coming down and shopping the winter blues away. For your own comfort we have ensured that ther will be plenty of hot gluwein going round all night. In addition to our regular designgoods vendors we have invited some new vendors, some you might know and some that you we think you should get to know like Missibaba, Panesar Simone, Stephen Quatember and Christopher Strong. So you there is no real excuse not come join us tonight @ 18h30. Hope to see you there..

Monday, June 7, 2010

Neighbourgoods Night Market

Join us on Tuesday the 15th of June @ 18h30 as our designer launch their new winter collections. What to expect? For the foodie you can find Von Geusau hot chocolate, Cape Malay curries and succulent steak sandwiches from Pete Goffe-Wood's Kitchen Cowboys stand. Other usual suspects include Simply Italian pizza's, Spanish style paella, Afro Sushi and fresh tuna burgers seared while you wait. Accompanying the array of food will be our local micro breweries and organic wine merchants.
For the Fashionista there's plenty of must have's from hand crafted leather accessories from Missibaba, hand knitted angora scarfs and mittens ,vintage overcoats from Afraid of Mice and must have Tee's from Muti and as well as never been worn sunglasses and accessories from Magnolia.The Presidents pop-up yellow ducky will also be joining us for the night to fulfill everybody's need for cool design, to mention but a few.
Don't worry mom's there will also be kiddies and baby clothes from Petit Pios,Sam & Seb, bellablue and very cool old school toys form Dolly Dinkle.

Hope to see you there..

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


BlueCollarWhiteCollar is finally giving the folk in Joburg a shop where they too can now buy amazingly crafted men;s and ladies shirts. Store opening 29th of May 2010 @ 10:30am situated at corner of 4th Avenue and 9th Street, Parkhurst Johannesburg. If you are not in Joburg go check out their website

Friday, May 21, 2010

Better Brogue than Sorry..

I have always loved a broque shoe, if you find the right pair they can last you for life. Take a look at the new range of brogues form Kate&Allie one of my favourite traders at he Designgoods Market.To give you some idea of where brogues come from read below:

The distinction must be drawn between brogues and brogueing. The term brogueing refers to punched patterns along the seams and outer layers of the shoe uppers, while a brogue is not only a fully-punched shoe, but also has Derby (open) lacing. Brogueing, the punching which forms the patterns in the shoes, has its origin in the boglands common in Scotland and Ireland; the wearers had to step in and out of bogs all day and needed a shoe that would allow good drainage. Today brogueing is used to emphasise the seams that define the design of a shoe. This punching occurs in various patterns. Brogueing is mostly applied to laced shoes, typically Oxfords or Derbys, but may sometimes by used on loafers or women's shoes.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Everybody needs a Muti T..

Everybody wears t-shirts right? Check out the selection of t's from Muti available at the designgoods section every Saturday.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Custom shoes by Ninon

So the best thing about the designgoods section is that you can not only buy amazing locally produce products form the actual designer but that you can have things custom made. So i had an idea for some casual loafers and asked Ninon to make me a pair, it does make one feel very special choosing from a selection of leather samples for you own pair of custom made shoes.And here is the final product, they are amazing..

[Visit her blog for more information](

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Wren Design Laptop bag

Launched in February at the Design Indaba the Wren PPC Cement Laptop Bag is now available at a few select retailers and the full range of cement bags at the Wren’s corner at the Biscuit Mill Designgoods Tent every second Saturday from 9am - 2pm.

The bags are made out of unused cast-off Pretoria Portland Cement (PPC) paper bags. The making process is as follows first the unused paper bag is opened and the various paper layers are separated. Then the top and third layers of paper are fused and bonded with black cotton to make the paper strong and the bag extremely durable. Once this has been done the material can be treated as a fabric and the pattern drawn, cut and the bag stitched.
Once finished, the bag is sprayed with a scotch guard to make it water resistant.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Eat In 2010 Award

The neighbourgoods market was awarded oustanding outlet for consistently finding innovative traders and promoting provenance in the western cape, at this years Eat in 2010 Awards.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

NINON Men's Shoes

So if by now you haven't heard or read about Ninon Louw and her amazing shoes, bags and accessories it's about time to get with it.For the past 2 years Ninon have been selling at the designgoods section of the Neighbourgoodsmarket as from January this year she has started to produce a range of pretty cool men's shoes. Ninon's shoe was also recently featured in the GQ magazine on the feet of Justin Rhodes as well as at this years Joburg ArtFair. If you can't come down to the market on Saturdays visit her blog for more information.

Blue Suede Shoes

Brown Soft Leather & orange stitching

Style Guide Cape Town

Robyn Cook also visited the Afraid of Mice shop, this is what she had to say go check out her blog @

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Afraid of Mice on Ifor1..

After the very successful launch of the Afraid of Mice winter collection the news about all the amazing vintage pieces you can find in their shop have spread like wild fire. On monday Justine Stafford posted this amazing little review on her blog about Afraid of Mice.

I’m Not Afraid Of Mice

I wanted to go to the Afraid Of Mice launch two weeks ago, I really, really did, but had to cancel last minute after coming home from an afternoon at the Zip Zap acrobatic circus with Bear with a pounding headache – small children flying through the air tend to do that to me.

Nats Dixon was there and reported back that it was fantabulous, so much so that she felt weak at the knees (literally) and had to sit downstairs in Superette sipping on a berry juice after an unexpected sugar low. I say it was caused by the excitement of spotting a rare cashmere jersey that she managed to hold on to despite feeling poorly… Good girl!

I made up for my non-appearance at the launch by visiting owner Biance Brandi (oh she of the blonde bangs and cute sailor-girl dress) at her boutique last week and have to say, this girl has the best job in the world, sourcing much-loved wonders from thrift stores, vintage warehouses and private sales in the States.

‘I basically just shop for a living!’, Bianca says with a laugh. I would be laughing too – her collection is enviable – full of designer gems and beautifully preserved numbers, including a collection of beautiful vintage petticoats and sleepwear that made me seriously reconsider my tatty PJ’s at home.

Then of course there is the marshmallow pink and black-fringed loveliness of the space, where I got to choose the tunes (Pat Benatar) that Bianca put on the record-player while I gave in to the temptation and tried on a gorgeous Yves Saint Laurent blazer.

It didn’t fit (thank gawd as I am supposedly banned from shopping) but suddenly my eye was drawn to the next rack where I found a rather delectable (and much more in my budget) navy blue shift (am rocking that ruffle!) and a sequins jersey. For me to wear bling is almost unheard of but hey, it spoke to me – or should I say ’sang’ to me… in a kind of 80’s pop-song way.

All in all, a happy, girly experience and I will definitely be back!

afraid of mice 1 Im Not Afraid Of Mice

Thanxs Justine.