Sunday, July 25, 2010

Cool finds..

As an added bonus when visiting the countryside apart from the fresh-air, and very laid back way of existence you can very often find some cool things to buy at a surprisingly low price. I bought this sewing machine foe a number of reasons the main one was that it only cost me R50.00, and secondly i really liked the color of it..

Another cool thing is this amazing book called Empire Annual for Boys with a birthday inscription which dates form 1912, i have to admit i didn't buy this one it was a gift from my Grandmother..

And as proof here is the inscription, just having this book kinda makes me feel super

Saturday, July 24, 2010

When In Rome..

So everybody always says when you visit a place always go and meet the locals so please find attached a local friend i made. Her name is Bella she is a miniature goat living on the farm.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Holiday vibes..

So i have taken a much needed brake from everything that im so use to, this includes the following friends, fast internet, being able to call a taxi, walking to get coffee in the mornings and last but not least waking up at 6:30 on saturdays and dragging myself to the market. At first i thought "this is gonna be great, fresh air no disturbance" well what i realized is that im getting kinda bored.

So to cancel out the boredom i went against my only holiday rule of not checking mail no matter what, and after going through loads of unread emails i came across something that i am definitely gonna work on the instant i get back to CT. These guys are just up the road from the market and would also like to join our little designer tent.

So take a look and see for yourself, i thought it was pretty cool and i really love the swing ticket design..
Ther are some things that i would like to my ever growing wardrobe too..

So watch this space.

Friday, July 2, 2010

night market photos....a little bit late but still nice....

i took lots of pics of so many stalls, but because it was pretty dark a lot of them came out blurry.
these were some of the best ones i got....

lovely raincoats from hummingbird
(i tried to make a link to their website, but for some or other reason it's not working, sorry...)

organic fabric goodness from twine

beautiful ceramics from liesel trautman

the most beautiful bags in the world by missibaba

skermunkil jewellery....check out our blog!!!

fancy cross stitch by friendly face lauren fowler

steffany roup's sweet jewellery

lovely handmade bowls and handmade silver spoons from frieda