Wednesday, April 21, 2010

NINON Men's Shoes

So if by now you haven't heard or read about Ninon Louw and her amazing shoes, bags and accessories it's about time to get with it.For the past 2 years Ninon have been selling at the designgoods section of the Neighbourgoodsmarket as from January this year she has started to produce a range of pretty cool men's shoes. Ninon's shoe was also recently featured in the GQ magazine on the feet of Justin Rhodes as well as at this years Joburg ArtFair. If you can't come down to the market on Saturdays visit her blog for more information.

Blue Suede Shoes

Brown Soft Leather & orange stitching

Style Guide Cape Town

Robyn Cook also visited the Afraid of Mice shop, this is what she had to say go check out her blog @

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Afraid of Mice on Ifor1..

After the very successful launch of the Afraid of Mice winter collection the news about all the amazing vintage pieces you can find in their shop have spread like wild fire. On monday Justine Stafford posted this amazing little review on her blog about Afraid of Mice.

I’m Not Afraid Of Mice

I wanted to go to the Afraid Of Mice launch two weeks ago, I really, really did, but had to cancel last minute after coming home from an afternoon at the Zip Zap acrobatic circus with Bear with a pounding headache – small children flying through the air tend to do that to me.

Nats Dixon was there and reported back that it was fantabulous, so much so that she felt weak at the knees (literally) and had to sit downstairs in Superette sipping on a berry juice after an unexpected sugar low. I say it was caused by the excitement of spotting a rare cashmere jersey that she managed to hold on to despite feeling poorly… Good girl!

I made up for my non-appearance at the launch by visiting owner Biance Brandi (oh she of the blonde bangs and cute sailor-girl dress) at her boutique last week and have to say, this girl has the best job in the world, sourcing much-loved wonders from thrift stores, vintage warehouses and private sales in the States.

‘I basically just shop for a living!’, Bianca says with a laugh. I would be laughing too – her collection is enviable – full of designer gems and beautifully preserved numbers, including a collection of beautiful vintage petticoats and sleepwear that made me seriously reconsider my tatty PJ’s at home.

Then of course there is the marshmallow pink and black-fringed loveliness of the space, where I got to choose the tunes (Pat Benatar) that Bianca put on the record-player while I gave in to the temptation and tried on a gorgeous Yves Saint Laurent blazer.

It didn’t fit (thank gawd as I am supposedly banned from shopping) but suddenly my eye was drawn to the next rack where I found a rather delectable (and much more in my budget) navy blue shift (am rocking that ruffle!) and a sequins jersey. For me to wear bling is almost unheard of but hey, it spoke to me – or should I say ’sang’ to me… in a kind of 80’s pop-song way.

All in all, a happy, girly experience and I will definitely be back!

afraid of mice 1 Im Not Afraid Of Mice

Thanxs Justine.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Afraid of Mice would like to introduce Stella, Marc, Michael and friends..

So you've seen them at the designgoods at the market on saturdays and probably wondered where do they come from? right? Well good news as tomorrow night the lovely girls from Afraid of Mice are inviting you and all your friends to a sneek preview of the new winter stock and have a cocktail while you shop. The drinks and nibbles will be served in SUPERETTE everybody's favorite local cafe , which is downstairs from the AOM shop space so bring your friends and hard earned cash to spend on some Marc Jacobs, Ralp Lauren, Stella McCartney to mention but a few..
218 Albert Road, Woodstock 5pm - 8pm above the SUPERETTE